Company Ethos & Values

The pillars of Glenella Quarry’s corporate philosophy are community, customers, environment, workplace and employees.

Quality, team work, honesty, respect, understanding and customer care are essential components of our business - through these we strive to deliver high quality and sustainable standards in service, product and project delivery.


We strive to be good corporate citizens by involving ourselves in the communities we service, not just from a commercial but from a service point of view.

We welcome consultation, interaction and integration with the communities in which we work, taking an active role in initiatives that promote and deliver local economic benefit.

By adhering to these values and operating with an attitude of honesty, humility, and quiet strength, we hope to honor all of those that we serve.


A lot of companies talk about quality but for Glenella Quarry it is a fundamental part of our business. Through a continuous process of monitoring and improvement we are meeting our customers’ challenges creatively and proactively in order to achieve success for all.

In line with our ethos and values, it has always been important for the owners of Glenella to be accessible and approachable. We want all of our customers to be able to identify and communicate with us and we will go that extra mile for them as we understand we are competing in a market where typically the product is generic and established. Our brand is defined by quality, price and service.


Glenella Quarry is aware of its environmental responsibilities and we have implemented procedures to prevent pollution, minimise waste, reduce our emissions and manage risks and hazards.

Protecting the earth’s natural resource is of utmost important to Glenella Quarry. Therefore, from its inception, we contracted environmental specialists, to help ensure that we not only adhere to the hire standards set by EPA and all other regulatory bodies, but also ourselves.

Workplace and Employees

We place the highest importance on the well being of our employees and continually strive for the very best standards within the workplace. As an investor in the people that work for us, we encourage and facilitate continued learning, skills and professional development with the objective to become an employer of choice. The benefit of this commitment is directly passed to our clients through a skilled, experienced and professional workforce.




Quality and Integrity Set in Stone