Products and Their Uses

Glenella Quarry

With an established customer base, Glenella sells a full complement of products for industrial, commercial and home use.

Glenella’s silica quartz pebble (known as Cowra White or Western White) are currently sold to the decorative landscaping market with highest demand coming from the greater Sydney metropolitan area, the central coast, Newcastle and as far north as Brisbane, the south coast to Nowra and Canberra.

Typical uses for the pebble product range from decorative block production (split faced exposed blocks), exposed and polished concrete applications, roof anchoring and drainage/filter medium for filtration plants. Industrial / commercial uses range from production of silica metals, alloys and electronic grade silicon to production of photovoltaic wafer for use in solar panels.

The pebble is available in 4-8mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm and oversized gradings. Special sizing and crushed rock is available upon request as well. Results using this stone are always distinctive, beautiful and long lasting.

Sand: Fine and Course. Glenella’s fine sand is highly suitable for use in the manufacturing of concrete blocks and pavers. The grading is also supplied in bulk for use in landscaping, sports surfaces, block manufacturing, filtration and golf course bunkers.

Course sand is used in many different applications due to its large particle size and silica content. It is ideally suited for fillers in dry mixed products, filler in masonry products, and landscape gardens.

The majority of the clay from the quarry is used in structural ceramics. Housing bricks and ceramic tiles are also produced from our clay. Exceptionally high in quality and purity, the clay can be used for civil applications such as dam lining and capping for landfill.

Currently Glenella is exploring options for clay and silt by-products to be used in cosmetic and beauty applications.

The entirety of the Glenella property is covered with a basalt cap. Products produced are roadbase, aggregates, gabion, mattress rock and oversize/feature rocks. Whilst Glenella Quarry is in the infant stages of developing the hard rock resource, it is expected that the product will have a significant regional market in the future.

Bogo Quarry

The Bogo resource represents a high quality Ryholite deposit which has a long history of supplying high-grade aggregates for ready-mixed concrete, civil construction applications, asphalt and road sealing purposes.

Roadbases: Different gradings of roadbase are used for forming and repairing roads up to and including RTA standards. Included in this product range are DGS 20, DGS 40 and DGB 20 gradings.

Gravel and Aggregates:
Concrete Mix – sand and aggregates blended for ease of use in DIY projects and small concrete applications. Just add water and you are well on your way to completing your project.

10, 14 and 20mm Aggregates – main uses of aggregates include making concrete for houses, buildings, roads, bridges, foundations for roads, driveways, car parks and footpaths. Further applications include road sealing and drainage medium. Bogo also carries a range of Builders Rubble (40-80mm), Gabion Rock (75-150mm) Feature Decorative Rocks and Oversize Basalt Boulders.


As differing clients have a range of testing needs, Glenella Quarry tests a range of products to suit those needs. All testing is carried out in NATA laboratories to ensure independent, reliable information to customers.

At times where customers require information regarding our various products, we make certain that we consult with experts that provide the best and most current information available.




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